Museo del Risorgimento Leonessa d’Italia

The distribution between the sections takes place through the sign of a light blue steel modular structure, which is articulated between the pillars of the central span of the Great Mile space. A solution that respects the original architecture by assuming its order as its generative matrix, declining in multiple and diverse forms to integrate and connect showcases and exhibits, opaque diaphragms for the paintings, graphic elements of datatelling, and a punctual presence of multimedia installations and interactive exhibits that offer a wide range of in-depth studies and immersive moments. Throughout the entire route, which winds its way along the three naves into which the space is divided, a luminous strip located near the final section, on which the articles of the Italian Constitution run, remains visible at all times, like a lighthouse. This installation is intended to symbolise how the words and concepts contained in the constitutional charter, an original copy of which is in a display case, are the crowning glory of the Risorgimento struggles.


  • Period (time): Gennaio 2023
  • Typology of work: Produzione allestimento museo e grafica
  • Site: Castello di Brescia
  • Project: Limiteazero, Milano
  • Client: Comune di Brescia