Monna Lisa who?

“Monna Lisa who?” is part of the exhibition entitled “LOOKING FOR MONNA LISA. Misteri e ironie attorno alla più celebre icona pop”. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The narrative environment dialogues with the church of Santa Maria Gualtieri in a quest for the identity of the world’s most famous portrait. The installation, together with the projections, sounds and narration by Karmachina, finds a perfect balance with the vertical structure, the symmetry and the curved lines of the exhibition venue.

The main element is the “altarpiece”: a large central screen that stands out in the curved background of the apsis. The projection appears as a suspended vision, surrounded by soft and smooth shapes that welcome the visitor in an immersive experience of sounds and images. Between the arches of the side naves, curved vertical surfaces host the four monitors, giving emphasis to the images through a play of colors and reflections.

The aim is giving dynamism to static surfaces, interacting with the light and accentuating the movement of the animations. The intervention is designed as a sequence of pure shapes and shades that spread in the space creating visual references and amplifying the impact of the narration.

Credits: Cortili Photo


  • Period (time): novembre 2019
  • Typology of work: Allestimento mostra e produzione grafica
  • Site: Santa Maria Gualtieri, Pavia
  • Project: Studio Dune
  • Client: Comune di Pavia
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