Giovanni Gastel. The People I Like

Krea Allestimenti has realized and installed the exhibition structures for the exhibition "Giovanni Gastel - The People i Like", curated by Uberto Frigerio, conceived and developed in the exhibition project with Studio Lissoni, at MAXXI in Rome.
The structural parts of the exhibition were produced with fabric-covered panels and the articulated space, punctuated by screens of various sizes, presents the portraits of Giovanni Gastel as if individuals were looking out of windows.
In the central area of the room they dance, as if almost chasing each other, in a labyrinth that winds along about 125 meters long, faces of famous artists in a succession of distinct dynamics and interpretations. Moving walls 3 meters high arranged diagonally that look at each other and seem to dialogue with each other: random paths that invite the viewer to orient himself according to his personal instinct. In a completely random way, one comes across characters from different social backgrounds, testimony to the immense variety of encounters that have characterized the photographer's long career.
In the final part of the exhibition, in a sort of picture gallery, there are 80 images from the series of tall black hills.


  • Period (time): Settembre 2020
  • Typology of work: allestimento mostra e grafica
  • Site: MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
  • Project: Studio Lissoni Associati
  • Client: Image Service


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